Experience safer technology

At Alington Dental, we are early adopters of dental technology. The advantages it brings to you, our patients, makes your treatment quicker, more comfortable and more predictable.

Because of our investment in technology and the vast experience we have in its use, we are often invited to lecture to other dentists for dental companies such as Sirona, Henry Schein, and Ceramic Systems, as well as organisations such as the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Cerec Omnicam

Cerec stands for CEramic REConstruction

This is an innovative system that allows your dentist to make and fit porcelain fillings, crowns and veneers in one visit. Using this groundbreaking technology, your new restoration (tooth) is designed using a 3D computer aided modeling system. This information is then sent directly to a milling machine, where your new tooth is fabricated with pinpoint accuracy in about 20 minutes. Finishing touches are added to the restoration before it is fitted in your mouth. The CEREC system has reduced the time required to fit a crown from two weeks to less than two hours.

CT Scanner

Alington Dental is proud to announce they are one of the few dental practices in Dorset that can carry out 3D imaging in house. The state of the art Orthophos 3D is both a two-dimensional and three-dimensional x-ray unit which provides outstanding images of the teeth and jaws. This allows for the high precision diagnostics necessary for all aspects of routine dental care, as well as orthodontics and treatment with dental implants. The software supplied with this scanner allows your dentist to plan every aspect of your implant treatment, from the shape and size of the implant to it’s positioning in the jaw, to maximise the cosmetic outcome and avoid any complications.

As if this could not get better, both of these high tech pieces of equipment can work together by superimposing a scan of your teeth and gums onto the 3D image of your jawbone. This allows ‘virtual’ planning of the final implant-supported crown or bridge, position of the required implants, and manufacture of a guide to carry out the placement of the implants with ‘keyhole’ surgery and pinpoint accuracy. All of this can be presented to you in advance for your approval, so you have full control over your treatment options.

Revolutionary Gum Treatment

The HELBO photodynamic system

Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy is a new system using lasers to permanently remove bacteria. The process starts, as with the classic treatment, with a thorough clean of teeth and gums, removing all the deposits that allow bacteria to thrive.

This, though, is just the beginning. A blue dye is then applied to the gum and bone pockets. This is biochemically engineered to attach to the bacteria, and acts as a photo sensitiser, reacting to a particular wavelength of laser.

The infected area is then exposed to a gentle laser beam. Various devices have been developed which allow the laser to be directed very specifically to even the least-accessible areas, ensuring that nothing is missed. The laser damages the bacterial membrane, destroying the bacteria.

Most medical treatments have some negative side effects, but none have been found for the HELBO system. Healthy gum cells are unaffected by the laser treatment, and the system restores the natural balance of your gums without any painful, intrusive processes.

It seems that antimicrobial photodynamic therapy is the treatment of the future.

Digital X-rays

All of our dental x-rays are taken in digital format, which allows images to be instantly displayed on a screen in front of you, so you can see clearly what the problem is and get a clear understanding of any treatment proposed. Digital x-rays also reduce the radiation exposure to a level well below that of conventional x-rays, and equate to the amount of background radiation you would absorb when standing outside for four hours.


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