Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

What is a root canal?

Root canal treatment is a procedure that is carried out when the soft pulp tissue (nerve and blood vessels) becomes infected or dies. This infection may lead to inflammation or an abscess in the surrounding jawbone. Acute inflammation can result in pain and swelling at the end of the tooth root, but many abscessed teeth remain pain-free and reveal no symptoms unless they flare up.

The dentist or endodontist will gently remove the diseased pulp tissue and infection from the root canals, which will then be carefully cleaned and shaped prior to being sealed to prevent re-infection.

Root Canal Pain?

Endodontic procedures are usually carried out using local anesthetic, which is very effective and safe. We will always make sure you are comfortable during treatment and that the tooth is completely numb.

Endodontic treatment can be time-consuming, but is normally completed over one or two visits. For the first few days after treatment, there may be some sensitivity to biting pressure, especially if there was pain or infection before the procedure. Sometimes anti-inflammatory medications or antibiotics are recommended.

Once your root filling is finished, a temporary filling is placed, but a dental crown or other restoration may be required on the tooth to protect it from fracture and restore it to full function.

In conjunction with our in surgery scanning facilties using our Cerec Machine to provide a dental crown both the root canal treatment and the dental crown can be carried out in a single visit when the situation is appropriate.


Incisor from: £292.10
Premolar from: £300.86
Molar from: £434.70


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